terça-feira, 25 de outubro de 2005

The Periodic Table of Poetry


I remember how,
when I first felt your desire
in the still-dark driveway,
I couldn’t speak;
small, white, exhaled clouds
exposing my beating heart.
You stood in your long coat,
contemplating November,
and the silence.
I pulled you in for an embrace,
backing into my snow-piled car,
ice-scraper, dangling,
against your back.
Your coldness stung at first,
across my tongue, and then
at the back of my throat,
so I let you go,
pushing you, tasteless,
away from my mouth.
But, intrigued by
the unfamiliar sting of your kiss,
I drew you in again.
It wasn’t long before
I spit you out, repulsed
by your constant quest
for the thrill
of another woman’s lips.
When you deceived me,
I literally
Here, in the driveway,
I’m remembering how one
touch of your hands
could cover my whole body
with goose bumps,
when you’d say "I need
you to share me."
You never understood that
I only wanted, just once,
to feel your pure essence.

Retirado de uma Tabela Periódica divertida onde cada um dos elementos traz um poema... :) :) :)

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AJFF disse...

Muito giro. Já tinha visto muitas coisas feitas com a Tabela Periódica mas esta é uma novidade.